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12th December 2011

Hello, I'm a web designer

Hello, my name's Lee and I'm a web designer. Do you know what that means?

Let me explain. I create websites that work well and look good. Unlike you I understand the importance of not using popups, making a background repeatable and not playing your stupid music on every page. Want to use popups and put music everywhere? Then fuck off. Find someone else to make your site, and if they're happy to, then they suck at their job.

Please just do what you're paid for and let me do the same. If you try to do my job for me people will end up laughing at your website and it will probably end up on some internet board for shit websites. But guess what? If you leave me alone you might actually end up with a decent website that your customers enjoy and use. They might even recommend you.

What's that? You're step-brothers friend can make your website for £150? Go ahead; I'm sure it will look like crap. In fact I'd put money on it that it won't work in IE. If you're lucky he might even create it with

So you want a website that your customers will enjoy using, one that works in all browsers and is easy to update? Send me an email: lee@cwpstudios with a dot com and I'll make you something worth your money.

Thanks for your time.

5th October 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs

I've just heard Steve Jobs has passed away. I've never really thought much of him and I've always been quite critical towards the public's fascination with him, but I have to respect some of the decisions he made at Apple were responsible for some brilliant progressions in technology. It's likely that without him technology such smart phones and computers would be quite a bit more primitive and harder to use than they currently are today, so at the very least I have to respect him for that.

I feel the media used to portray Steve Jobs like he was the only person who works at Apple and that he alone invents every new product, programs it and builds it himself. He clearly had great ideas and a great vision when it came to new technology, but I don't feel he deserved quite as much praise for products the Apple produced as he got. I mean sometimes it seemed like he was almost viewed as Apples mascot by the public.

I think Bill Gates summed it up well saying:

The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come.

Thank you Steve Jobs

21st September 2011

Startup Meetup.

I'm going to my first startup meetup on Monday. I'm extremely excited to see how these people compare to myself and if I can get anything from these new connections.

I don't really know what to expect. As of yet I haven't had any massive success with the projects I've undertaken. I'm hoping Athesyn may change that, but it's still too early to begin to predict how successful it will be. In some ways I hope a lot of them are wealthy entrepreneurs with many projects and ideas. They are the kind of people that can really give good advise on how to lauch a startup and how to overcome the some of hurdles startups have.

I'll be pitching Athesyn to them and explaining in a little detail what kind of features can be expected at launch. It will be a great chance to get some quality feedback from other like-minded individuals.

Hopefully I'll write a little bit next week about how the meetup went and what the people were like. I think it's a great idea to try and find meetup groups like this when working on a startup project because not only do you have a chance to make some useful connections, you also have a good platform for reviewing and brain storming ideas.

12th September 2011

Developing Athesyn

I'm so excited right now, I need to write it all out. Let me explain...

My primary current project (Athesyn) is just starting to pull together. Sure, most the features that will really define the site haven't even been started yet, but right now, for the first time, I can see how this website will look.

For thoses of you who don't know, which I assume is pretty much everyone reading this. Athesyn is a social news website. Yeah, I know... It doesn't sound like much right? Well, it is. Athesyn isn't like the other social news sites out there at the moment. I don't even like calling it one because it's so much more advanced. It's like saying the IPhone is just a phone. I wish I could explain to you some of differences between Athesyn and other social news websites, but it's still too early into the development for me to comment on exact features. Just know, it's like I said, Athesyn's a social news site like the IPhone is a phone.

Of course I am massively biased and it's hard for me to explain how beautiful this website is, but trust me, it's so beautiful. It has an incredibly satisfying user experience, and I have to say, I think if the user interface can stay as perfect as it is right now when the website is finished, it is quite easily the best user interface I've ever seen.

Please sign up for our newsletter and closed beta invite list here:  
Thank you. We can't wait to tell you more.

2nd September 2011

Why Windows 8 tablets will be big

Ever since Apple launched it's IPad many mobile and PC manufacturers have been trying to get into the tablet market. Most manufacturers have gone with an Android based solution and have generally took advantage of the new Honeycomb version which has been optimised for tablets. Apple, however is basically using the same OS on it's tablets that it has on it's IPod touch.

Now Microsoft will soon be release their new OS Windows 8. The new PC OS seems to be very tablet oriented with a optimised interface for tablets and touch screen devices. What I find most interesting is that Microsoft have decided instead of starting with a mobile OS and optimising it for tablet use, similar to what Android or Apple has done, they are starting with a PC OS and adding a tablet friendly shell.

I personally and others have often questioned the point of tablets. They're to big to carry around in your pocket, and they're too impractical to use for anything other than basic web browsing. In fact the main purpose I've found people have for their tablets is to browse the web and play games when they're on a break at work or at university.

With Windows 8 there seems to be more reason why you would want one. For example you can plug your USB camera into it, copy the photos over, and upload them to Facebook. This kind of thing is impossible on an Android or Apple tablet. Having the device support of Windows on a tablet brings a whole new set of functionality to the market.

I think this over everything else, including that beautiful UI inspired from Windows 7, will make Windows 8 a very strong competitor in the tablet market. The ability to plug in external devices makes it nearly as useful to carry around with you as a laptop.

Personally I can't wait to see what some of the Windows 8 tablet solutions will look like. If manufacturers can make attractive devices with USB inputs I can see a whole new appeal tablets arising.

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