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6th August 2011 · By Lee Jacobson

The startup mindset: Will I ever be content?

Over the last year I've put so much thought and time into startups ideas and projects. I've always been interseted in web businesses and I started working on my first e-commerce website about 4 years ago back in high school. I never took it quite as seriously back then, it was just a bit of fun when I was bored.

Lately I've been thinking non-stop about creating a successful startup. I worry that I'm getting older and I have no clear path to success. In reality I'm only 20 and I've had more success with jobs and projects than most people my age.

What worrys me though is that this fear I have of not succeeding has massive negative affects on the rest of my life. For a start I hardly sleep anymore. Over the last 3 days I've had just 10 hours sleep. I want to sleep right now, but won't because I don't want to waste this time I have. I find myself getting angry with friends because I can't just sit down and just relax, I need to be doing something.

The way I see it is that if I only live once, I need to make the best of the life I have. I want to experience as much as I can but I need money to do that. I couldn't think of anything worse than when I'm old knowing that only thing I did in life was work my ass off for someone elses gain.

I hope I don't regert how I am now in 20 years time.

21st July 2011 · By Lee Jacobson

"Respond with innovation, not with lawsuits"

Apple have made a bad move in my opinion recently. They have acquired a patent that basically prevents competitors making decent smart phones. More details on the patent can be found here:
Now competitors don't have many options, but to pay Apple licensing fees so they can access the patent portfolio, or deal with an expensive lawsuit.

This kind of attitude towards competitors means instead of Apple needing to be even more innovative to stay in front of competitors it can instead just accuse them of patent infringement. This means we won't get the new innovative phones and devices like we should be getting when companys are in competition. Google's Eric Schmidt said:

'The big news in the past year has been the explosion of Google Android handsets and this means our competitors are responding.
Because they are not responding with innovation, they're responding with lawsuits.
We have not done anything wrong and these lawsuits are just inspired by our success.'

HTC a Taiwanese company who develops Google android devices has recently come under fire from these new Apple owned patents, and as a result , their shares have fell to a six month low. Google has commented on HTC's on-going patent infringement battle saying simply:

'We will make sure they don't lose'.

I hope Google, HTC and other Android device developers win this battle and keep the smart phone market competitive and innovative.

14th July 2011 · By Lee Jacobson

A good CMS saves time and money.

I've worked on way too many sites that have poor CMSs. The problem is if your CMS is impossible to use it becomes increasingly hard to add content!
I've had to rebuild sites from scratch because of poor CMSs; there is nothing more annoying than having to spending 100s of lines of code on something that should take just a few.

So you've installed a CMS? Great! Now use it correctly! If you're not spending the time to learn all it's functions and methods what's the point in using it? For example if your CMS has a user library included, then use it. You're only going to run into problems later if you get lazy and use a 'SELECT * FROM `users`'.

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