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17th March 2014

Bionics in Space!

Space exploration in our current society, especially by humans, is quite minimal. Scientists have yet to discover even a fraction of the possibilities that space incurs. Researchers continually seek out, and create, new technologies that will fund the knowledge of outer space to a greater understanding than we know it. Artificial intelligence among the cosmos may be just the answer to finding numerous unknowns throughout the universe.

14th March 2014

The Bionic Limb

Sparked by imagination and curiosity, human beings have ventured into the far depths of artificial technology like that of the movies. Generation upon generation of society have fought to find the authenticity in detailed stories of science fiction. Whether it was Robocop, or Johnny 5, the infatuation with these types of cyborgs eventually flowed into the factual scientific community where movie based reality became the truth. Researchers have found new ways to implement these ideas through the use of new prosthetics that allow amputees to live, as close to a normal life, as possible.