2nd April 2014 · By Tarra L. Rios

Autobots and Beyond

Due to it's age, this post may no longer be relevant, or representative of my current thoughts.

Record fast new technology derived from artificial intelligence has surfaced in every part of society, especially in the last year or so! Companies are no longer waiting on scientists to invent the "next best thing" but taking steps of their own, doing their own research, and providing unheard of, state-of-the-art machines who are adding a wondrous advantage to all who are interested in acquiring them. Experts have done massive research on the effect that these new contraptions will have on society's future, and they unanimously agree that a profitable benefit will come their "iron" existence. Just recently, developers announced the creation of robotic, life like fish, extrinsic Lego autobots, and even more interesting, the Intel Open Source Robot.

Until recently, soft robotics, or so its called, did not exist. However, contemporary advancements in the field have changed the face of robotics, into the future and beyond. Soft robotics is now full of new creations, like that of the robotic fish. Although small, this fantastic "pet" needs no caring for and, on top of that, moves just like a real fish with the ability to maneuver it's body in a fraction of a second. Surprisingly, the reason behind the soft feel is so that when interaction between humans and robots begin, skin on "skin" contact will feel much more comfortable. Soft robotics creates a safer possibility for synergy with our species and cuts out the high variable for possible accidents caused by collision.

An amazing addition to the creation of objects built with legos, is a fantastic new autobot named Cube Stormer. This machine can solve a Rubiks Cube faster than any Guinness world record on file (which is 7 seconds, this speedy cyborg solves the puzzle in less than 5 seconds). Built by Mike Dobson of Robotic Solutions, this toy intertwines two childhood fascinations, the Rubiks Cube and Legos. Although trivial in meaning, this robot paves the way for other artificially intelligent machines to become important parts in solving other complexities.

Last but not least, but certainly most extraordinary, is the newest creation from Intel called an Open Source Robot. This robot has the ability to complete simple, every day tasks like cleaning up your desk. Fascinating as it may sound, developers are trying to find a way to extend its battery life so that this robot would be capable of working for longer durations. Currently, operation time is only twenty minutes. Intel has previously made a commitment to A.I. development through their "Twenty First Century Robot Initiative". The announcement of the Open Source Robot was in precedent to this previous guarantee that was made to the public regarding the advancement of robotics.

No matter how far we take this artificial intelligence the fact remains that it is "artificial". Many times we forget the foundation of the society that once existed. Caught up in the technology of today's world, we only see what is directly in front of us without being aware of our surroundings. No doubt, these futuristic concepts have changed our existence with positive results but we must never forget where we came from. Relying too much on this artificial world may take us away from the natural beauty that encompasses our lives everyday. As we enter a new "robotic" era, we must always remember to respect and honor humanity for what it once was!

By Tarra L. Rios

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