27th October 2016 · By Lee Jacobson

The Project Spot

I started the The Project Spot during my second year of university as a place where I could write about the projects I was working on, things on my mind, and my personal development. However, over the last few years I've felt unable to write here unless I it was something completely original - and more to the point, something that's of use to others. I've told myself for a while now that if I write for myself then whatever I put out will have no real value, and if anything, I'll just be adding to the pile of useless content on the web.

But now I find myself in a position where I haven't updated this site for over a year, and while I've had things to say during that time I've felt like it wasn't useful enough to publish. I decided recently that I don't want to think like that anymore. I want to start writing more openly here without worrying so much about the standard of the content.

As the name implies this was meant to be primarily a place where I could talk about my projects, so from now on that's exactly what I'll be focusing on. I want to set myself the target of writing monthly updates about what I'm working on, and also what I've learnt during the month. And while these posts won't be written for anyone but myself, I'll try to find some moral and keep them as interesting as I can.

I think it would be good to have a place where I can set public targets and have public expectations of myself. If I say I'll be doing X over the next month but don't, I feel I need to publicly justify my choices will help me avoid making the wrong ones.

While I'll be focusing on writing about my projects, I also want to write about personal development and other topics that interest me from time to time too.

I plan to write my first update over the next few days with content going up at least monthly from then on.


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